Americans lose $8.7 billion every year due to hidden exchange rate mark-ups.

Americans are often unaware of what they actually pay when sending money abroad. That’s because providers mislead consumers by marking up exchange rates while showing ‘zero’ or ‘low fees.’ This lack of transparent pricing results in billions in hidden fees for unsuspecting Americans sending money to family and friends abroad.

We need your help more than ever! Ask your member of congress to support stronger rules to provide more transparency around the costs of international payments. This would help tens of millions of Americans save money and help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of reducing remittance costs to 3% by 2030.

Join us is asking your member of congress to show their support by asking the U.S. consumer finance watchdog (CFPB) to end junk fees in remittance payments

The more personalized your email, the more it will encourage policymakers to take action to fix international payments.


For example: I regularly send money back home to my family in Mexico and get overcharged because my provider hides fees in bad exchange rates. It is essential that all Americans know the total cost of making an international transaction, including any upfront fees and charges in the exchange rate.