The Cross Border Payments Regulation (CBPR2) aims to end hidden fees and finally force banks and other providers to disclose exactly what it costs for you to send money cross-border in the EU. 

But Belgian banks still aren’t playing by the rules. And most consumers aren’t aware of their rights to transparent fees, so the law isn’t being enforced.

Do you have a Belgian bank account? Or know someone who does? Follow these next steps:

Click here to submit a complaint to Meldpunt

Need help? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Meldpunt portal

Step 2: Agree to their Terms of Use

Step 3: Click on ‘new complaint"

Step 4: Choose ‘I am a private person’

Step 5: Choose the other party is a ‘company’

Step 6: Choose ‘other’ as the category

Step 7: Choose ‘none of these / other problem’

Step 8: Choose ‘In Belgium’

Step 9: Did you buy something “no”

Step 10: Financial loss: put zero or if they did charge you hidden fees, you could add this cost.

Step 11: Describe your problem as detailed as possible. Here is draft text you can use and personalize:

I made a cross-border payment from my Belgian bank, (BANK NAME) to another EU member state. My bank, before confirmation, did not show me transparent fees relating to the cost of the payment, including ‘all currency conversion charges’ as required under EU Regulation CBPR2.

Step 12: Fill out your personal information

Step 13: Search your bank under ‘other party’

Step 14: Select date and time, and you should be receiving a confirmation email after completion.



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